Screening other Asias


Saturday the 20th of February
Short films from 6pm until 8pm
Feature starting at 8pm

short films and video art across Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and English suburbia.

Curated by Hamja Ahsan and Gemma Sharpe
(Other Asias: Transnational Contemporary Art Currents)

A programme of short films and video art from 6-8pm including works by Fatima Hussain, Priya Sen, Nina Magnalanayagam, Hamja Ahsan and the DRIK/Choli Mela and archives, followed by a screening of Aparna Sen’s 36 Chowringhee Lane, (1981, 108min). Archive material from the Other Asias ‘REDO Pakistan’ – a nomadic art project that has traveled across Lahore, Karachi and London – will be displayed, along with free limited edition copes of the REDO Pakistan newspaper.

The gate will be closed so await for a member of the space to open it.