We are very pleased to invite you to the Launch of the publication What is an Artbook?

We are very pleased to invite you to the Launch of the publication What is an Artbook? 

SATURDAY 14th JULY 4pm - 7pm

An Art Book today can be seen to occupy various different positions including that of a piece of theory, a catalogue, a printed exhibition, a piece of art in itself, a supplement to a pre-existing piece. It can be a proposal for the future or an examination of the present or what has passed. “What is an Art Book?” will be an investigation of what an Art Book is in terms of material and conceptual concerns. This is an on going collaborative project that will be produced during the Artist Books Weekend held every year at The Mews Project Space. Artists, writers, curators, designers and other practitioners are invited to respond to the title of the project by contributing their interpretation of what an Art book means to them and their practice. Each contributor can propose text, drawings, photographs, sculpture, performance, audio recordings, video or any other concept/theory as long as it can ultimately be realised in A4 paper format and in black and white.

Adrianna Palazzolo / Alan Magee / Alice Bain / Aukje Dekker / Begona Morea Roy / Briony Anderson / Carlos Noronha Feio / Craig Cooper / D J Roberts / Dominic Paterson & Neil Celements / Gary Colclough / Gayle Meike / Hanane Ech-Charif / Imogen O'Rorke / James Brooks / Jeremy Akerman / Jo Ying Ping / Joanna Greenhill / kate Janes / Kate Terry / Keh Ng / Kirsty Buchanan / Kristian De La Riva / Lecasdarte / Lewis Biggs / Lee Maelzer / Liane Lang / Lizzy Whirrity / Maria Fusco / Mark Jackson / Martha Sophie / Mary Yacoob / Mashu Ru / Matthew Stock / Mikael Larsson / Neil Coombs / Nicole Wassall / Olga Raciborska / Paul O'Kane / Pure Evil / Sarah Ludemann / Satu Jokinen / Shane T Hall / Thibaut DeWolf / Tina Hage / Vera Tollmann / Waldemer Pranckiwicz / Warren Garland / Wassink Lundgren

Table Tennis with Giorgio Sadotti


Performance by Giorgio Sadotti



Performance evening:

Patrick Coyle, Bettina Wind, Adam Latham and Rich Cash.


-Patrick Coyle-

"A. Alphabetes (from the Ancient Greek alphabētos, originating from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, and diabetes, from the Ancient Greek diabainō, meaning 'to pass through', referring to the excessive amounts of urine produced by sufferers)."

-Bettina Wind-

Familiar stories (and other strange discoveries)
A slideshow performance.

Family photos draw a line between centre and margin. In the centre: an almost united family (only the photographer is missing). In the margin: some blurred landscape with a passer-by. Now let’s cross the line and see what happens…

Bettina Wind (Berlin) uses texts, mappings, and slideshows to create performative situations and platforms for exchange, such as Mapping Nomadic Structures (Brussels 2007), A Desiring Machine (Ballhaus Ost, Berlin 2008), and Strange Forms of Life (2. Aufgang, Berlin 2009).

-Adam Latham and Rich Cash-

with Ron Kaia, Veronika Rettich and Macks Faulkron (Spinal Richie).

The Skinjobs 'Sunshine'

Live musical performance for the production of a new video work.

Screening other Asias


Saturday the 20th of February
Short films from 6pm until 8pm
Feature starting at 8pm

short films and video art across Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and English suburbia.

Curated by Hamja Ahsan and Gemma Sharpe
(Other Asias: Transnational Contemporary Art Currents)

A programme of short films and video art from 6-8pm including works by Fatima Hussain, Priya Sen, Nina Magnalanayagam, Hamja Ahsan and the DRIK/Choli Mela and Pad.ma archives, followed by a screening of Aparna Sen’s 36 Chowringhee Lane, (1981, 108min). Archive material from the Other Asias ‘REDO Pakistan’ – a nomadic art project that has traveled across Lahore, Karachi and London – will be displayed, along with free limited edition copes of the REDO Pakistan newspaper.

The gate will be closed so await for a member of the space to open it.


art life and some other stuff...

Art Life and some other stuff
is a series of informal talks that take place at The Mews, in
cafes or in any other place that seems fit to talk about art, life and other stuff.

Text available soon

Dance theatre at The Mews

Dance theatre at The Mews - 30th of january 2010

Elodie Morard & Teresa Noronha Feio

"Absurd is divine"

“Because I am the size of what I see and not the size of my height”

Fernando Pessoa
This performance is produced with the support of
Fontys Hogeschool voor de kunsten